About that Misplaced Comma

I’m sitting at home on a Friday evening relaxing with a drink and rereading this past week’s entries for the first time since I wrote them, and I’m embarrassed at the sloppiness of the writing in this latest batch.

Like most bloggers, I write blog entries whenever I get the chance: on the train, on my lunch hour, after the rest of my family has fallen asleep at night, or, in the case of the entry on Alice Waters, while sitting sullenly on the couch watching the Cubs roll over and die against the Dodgers. (But the Phillies are up 2-0!)

Once upon a time I could find the time to peck out at least part of an entry during slack times at work. Since July, and continuing through the end of the year at least, I’ve been working on two projects that have been as stressful and demanding as any I’ve ever worked on. Some people on my project teams have already succumbed to stress-related illnesses and injuries, and the worst is yet to come. Now slack times are for taking a bite out of my lunch.

So, with that in mind, I want to apologize in retrospect and in advance for any misspellings, grammatical errors, odd punctuation, malformed sentences, non sequiturs, lines of thought that go nowhere or to someplace I didn’t originally intend them to go. I apologize for jokes that weren’t funny, and for sincere statements that were funny. I apologize for anything I’ve written that insults anyone (unintentionally, that is), especially if you’re a tubist (I’m never writing about tubists again–what a tetchy lot they are!), or anything that prompts somebody from England to call me "shirty" (I still don’t know what that means, but I’m assuming it isn’t nice).

I also apologize for the irregular frequency of posts. Not only do I have less time and energy for writing entries, but cultural news is pretty scare because of the election, about which I occasionally muster up something to say, and the economic crisis, about which I’m stunned into silence.

And finally, I apologize for entries that were supposed to be one paragraph long, but ended up rambling on and on. Like this one.



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  1. You write: ” … lines of thought that go nowhere or to someplace I didn’t originally intend them to go …”
    Personally I find this non-approach more than acceptable!


  2. Even though I plan out my entries, blogging is still a thinking-out-loud on the page kind of writing–which I like, too. I’m glad you don’t find it too exasperating or confusing to read, Mano.


  3. So shirty means tetchy, eh? Hmm, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
    Thanks, Virtual Linguist, for the definition.


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