A Tour of the American Recession

What strange times these are! There is so much collective hope and so much individual despair. Almost every day I hear about another person who has lost their job or suffered some devastating financial reversal, or both.

Now it’s my turn. This week I was laid off from my job as a project manager for a software company. I was planning on conducting a job search after the new year anyway, but the company had other plans.

So, for the short term at any rate, I’ll have more time for blogging. Ideally, I’d make my living as a blogger, and I could do it if my family ate nothing but chewing gum.

Longer term I will conduct my own tour of the American recession, much like Walter Benjamin did in “Imperial Panorama: A Tour of the German Inflation,” one of the sections in One-Way Street. But unlike Benjamin, I won’t be focusing on cultural decay, only on the “helpless fixation on notions of security and property.”

In the meantime, if anyone knows of some interesting job opportunities, send them my way.



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  1. Richard – your blog is insightful and trenchant. I work at an arch firm in marketing and am waiting to get laid off, which will give me more time to read your blog while I look for a new job. Best,


  2. Thank you very much, everyone, for your support. It’s touching to see how people reach across this impersonal form to express encouragement.


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