The Best of One-Way Street

As a sort of third anniversary edition, and in anticipation of an expanded version of one post from this space getting published elsewhere (more on that soon), and, hopefully, in anticipation of more posts from here moving on to bigger and better things, I’ve assembled a list of the most read and/or commented upon entries over the past three years.

John Updike
Inauguration Day
“The moon is going to break up into a million little pieces”
Montage v. Mise-en-Scene
The Super Sexy High Masala Art
The Task of the Storyteller
How Fiction Works
The Lady with the [Not Quite Real] Pet Dog/Punishments of the Real
The Generic City
Libeskind’s Napkin
Beautiful Sentences/On Beautiful Sentences, Again
Toward an Ethical Architecture
Keep Going!/The Problem of Evil
Ranciere’s The Politics of Aesthetics/Traces of the True
The Search for the Modern
Madness, History, and Foucault
Sects of One
The Morality Play of Paris Hilton


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