The Spire Shall Rise Eventually (Maybe)

image from Blair Kamin reports on Santiago Calatrava’s visit to Chicago last week. The architect insists that the Chicago Spire project is still viable. A spokesperson for the developer, Garrett Kelleher, claimed potential customers are still dropping by the sales office, even though all the already built condos on the Chicago market, stacked on top of each other, could make a Spire twice as high as the planned one.

Like most architects, Calatrava is patient, and he urges us to be as well. The Spire project is only four years old, and he’s worked on projects that have taken more than three times that long. “My personal wish is that it is not dead,” he says of the Spire project.

Update, October 14, 2009: The developer’s landlord announced they were evicting Kelleher’s sales office for the Chicago Spire because rent has not been paid since April 1.


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