Toward an Introduction to Walter Benjamin

Here’s a series of posts based on the major concepts in Walter Benjamin’s work.

  1. Dead Malls
  2. The Origin of the Shopping Mall
  3. Iron Construction
  4. The Dreaming Collective
  5. The Primordial Landscape of Consumption
  6. The Eternal Return of the Arcades
  7. The Folk Festivals of Capitalism
  8. National Progress on Display
  9. Railroads to Nowhere
  10. The Panoramas
  11. The Panorama Film
  12. Art and Aura
  13. The Distracted Gaze
  14. The Optical Unconscious
  15. Architecture and Distraction
  16. How Do I Look?
  17. A House of Dreams
  18. A Turtle on a Leash
  19. The Flâneur in Bleak House
  20. Flaubert: In the World, Out of Time
  21. Baudelaire and the Decline of Experience
  22. The World Is a Shop of Images and Signs