Fun Friday: 2011 Is Here Already Edition

Not the best week ever here at One-Way Street. On Tuesday my beloved German shepherd Trevi died at age 14. She was the bravest, best dog ever, and she will be missed. On the plus side, the weather has been as good as anyone could ask for Chicago in October.

Autumn is underrated as a time to make changes. Schoolkids know that things start anew in the fall, but once we’re thrust into the working world we change calendars and make our resolutions to change on New Years. But the business world is tied to the academic year in unexpected ways. Planning for the following year begins in early October. Budgets are set well before Christmas, and personnel planning is already complete. So if you’re waiting for New Years to resolve to change direction in your career, you’re already too late.

To jump start 2011–the big people are already thinking about 2011–here are some good places to start.

Phati’tude is a tricky to spell but terrific new quarterly journal produced by the Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars (IAAS). I’m still reading the premier issue–it’s on a tall stack of reading assignments–and I will report on that soon. The editors are seeking submissions for their Winter 2010-11 issue, “Celebrating Black History Through Literature: From the Harlem Renaissance Movement to Today.” Submit poems, a short story, an interview or an essay–whatever, just have it in by December 15. More details here.

Looking for a government job? For its 2011 Next Generation Design Competition Metropolis magazine is partnering with the General Services Administration. The GSA’s administrator, Martha Johnson, wants a Zero Environmental Footprint for all of its existing office buildings. There are 9,600 of them in the US, making the GSA one of the world’s biggest landlords. First on the list to be flipped green is an eight-story building near the Civic Center area of Los Angeles. You have to get your Zero Net thinking together by January 31, 2011, which, if you count dilly-dallying and celebration hangovers, means you have to start now.


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