Fun Friday: Tweets of the Week

For this week’s Fun FridayI’ve collected some of the best Tweets I’ve seen this week. Some of the Tweets linked to interesting articles. Others were worth reading in their own right.

A major prize:


I hate voicemails, too:


Usually Herzog’s personality helps his work. Sometimes it gets in the way. Here’s the former:


LinkedIn is exactly like this:


Stress on the weird politics:


This kind of thing happens all the time:


It’s good to see Whitehead back in Twitter form:

Every celebrity sighting comes with a disavowel. This one is  particularly deft:

I can’t get enough of North Korean leader jokes. I don’t know why:


Walter Benjamin was all about noticing in public spaces:


Bordwell is among the most qualified people to speak on this topic:


A short guide to blogging:

Another place is Pakistan:


He means Roland Barthes, I’m pretty sure:


I had no idea Umberto Eco was on Twitter. Too had Roland Barthes isn’t alive to Tweet:

A proposal for another Twitter meme from the irrepressible trumpet player:


var sc_project=1425922;
var sc_invisible=1;
var sc_partition=12;
var sc_security=”9e14ed91″;

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