Literary Modernism in Chicago

The Newberry Library has posted some interesting documents from their collection as part of their online exhibit, Making Modernism: Literature and Culture in 20th-Century Chicago.

The focus of Making Modernism is the literature of Chicago in connection with the unique urban, economic, and cultural history of the city.  Chicago’s contributions to international modernism have predominantly focused on architecture, which we acknowledge with a design derived from the windows of Frank Lloyd Wright.  This exhibit, however, gives emphasis to the literature of Chicago and its connections to developments across the arts.

Among the gems in the collection are Christmas cards sent to Ernest Hemingway from Fanny Butcher, the literary editor of the Chicago Tribune; Butcher's swooning diary entry after she met Gertrude Stein in Chicago; and a handbill from the Dil Pickle (sic), a literary club founded by Jack Jones, who, according to the Library's commentary, lost several fingers "either from mining accidents or safecracking." 

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