The Nordstrom Tower, Tattoos, and Killing Margaret Thatcher



Hilary Mantel wanted to kill Margaret Thatcher one day in 1983: “Immediately your eye measures the distance," she told the Guardian, her finger and thumb forming a gun. "I thought, if I wasn't me, if I was someone else, she'd be dead."


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The spectral building—massively there, yet otherworldly: Proposed Nordstrom Tower, New York City. Height: one foot shorter than One World Trade Center. 



Mark Bauerlein takes a theoretical approach to tattoos: 

 As a friend put it to me: A tattoo isn’t the Word made flesh, but the flesh made word. It may strike old-fashioned types as pedestrian narcissism and adolescent conformity, and sometimes it surely is. But in a deeper and more troubling way, it is canny and subversive artifice, spiced with a moralistic claim to personal liberation. A tattoo is a personal statement but also an anthropological position that accords with the prevailing transvaluations of our time. 

Tattoos are advertisements for a mind, written on a body that doesn’t always conform to a mental image. 


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