Sonia Delaunay and the Avant-Garde Shoes

image from a visit to the Tate Modern's EY Exhibition: Sonia Delaunay, Adrian Searle argues Delaunay was a serious, and even more interesting, artist than her better-known husband,  the avant-garde painter Robert Delaunay. "Far from retreating into the applied arts and stereotypical 'women’s work,'" Searle writes, "Delaunay sought instead to extend art into the everyday and the broader material culture."

Although she painted on canvases, some of her most interesting work was done in fabric. She was a master of intriguing patterns. Among her clients were Gloria Swanson and the architect  (and model for the James Bond villain) Ernö Goldfinger. Delaunay bridged the gap between Modernist images and the body. In her clothes the human form, veiled for years in Victorian fashions, emerged as a representation. In Modernism, even the nude form is a representation. 


  1. Wow, it’s like a work of art but in a footwear! Love the quirky design! It is nice to wear something like this to give a twist to a neutral wardrobe choice!


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