Rem Koolhaas and the Internet of Things

According to Rem Koolhaas,

"The way we architects look at the digital is simplistic, because we see the digital simply as a domain that enables us a greater position and that ultimately – in the form of 3D printing for instance – may offer us a return to unfettered creativity." 

The potential creativity unleashed by technology–the Steve Jobs vision of technology–is threatened by the Internet of Things, exemplified by Nest.

"There is a potentially sinister dimension to, before you know it, being surrounded by a house full of sensors that can follow you on the moment of entry, to the moment you set your bedroom temperature, to the moment you set your likely return to your house."

He worries that Nest will force you to comply with your neighbors' thermostat settings. Nest and similar domestic technologies create an environment that unconsciously molds behavior toward virtuous and socially-responsible ends. In other words, what architects aspire to do.


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