The Architectural Imagination: An Introduction

I've enrolled in my first online course: The Architectural Imagination, offered by the Harvard Graduate School of Design. I completed the first module, The Architectural Imagination: An Introduction. Like any college course, there are lectures, readings, and assignments. The opening lecture establishes the difference between a mere building and a work of architecture. The first instructor, K. Michael Hays, starts with Kant, which is good, then moves on to Gilles Deleuze. I had forgotten how opaque Deleuze could be. The first assignment was to analyze two structures and identify what makes them architectural. I will post my response to the assignment next.

Next up in the course is module two, Reading Architecture: Column and Wall. I'll post my responses to that module in the near future.


  1. Villa Savoye originally was NOT in an urban setting. And you were supposed to arrive by CAR – the proportions relate to the turning radius of an automobile.


  2. Thanks, Helen, for pointing out that the Villa Savoye was supposed to be approached by car.
    But doesn’t that increase its isolation, its sense of separation?


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