My 2014

This isn’t a best of list so much as a list of texts and experiences that are still with me … More

The Phantom Lady

  Richard Brody provides an excellent introduction to Robert Siodmak’s Phantom Lady, a 1944 film noir. The film is urban expressionism, … More

Paris Is a Finished City

“Paris . . . is a finished city.”  –Alexandre Gady, president of the Société pour la Protection des Paysages et de … More

Yellow Triangles

The city of Marseille is making its homeless wear yellow triangles–one half of the Nazi-era Star of David–with health information. I’m … More

Vampires Vs. Zombies

David Castillo and William Egginton argue that the vampire is no longer a fully apt symbol for globalized capitalism. Since Karl … More

See Boyhood. Now.

I saw Richard Linklater’s Boyhood over the weekend. It’s the best film I’ve seen in a long time. I won’t … More

Alexander Payne’s Nebraska

Payne is becoming another of America’s great liberal/conservative filmmakers. This is the lineage of Capra and Ford as well as … More