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The Street Art of the Pandemic

The street art of the pandemic “tell[s] us about our shared political realities, the people we coexist with in social space and the ways in which our stories and fates are tied together.”

Nell Zink: The Committed Spitballer

Andrew Martin has an excellent review of Nell Zink's five novels.  I read several reviews of her work before getting around to reading two of her novels (Nicotine and Doxology). The difference between reading about her work and actually reading it is like the difference between a punk band's studio album and its live performance.…

The End of Hollywood Hegemony

Richard Brody draws an interesting parallel between the Republican Party and Hollywood studios: At the same time, while directors are freer to be themselves, so are the studios. With franchises and superheroes, they’ve become the brazen cash machines that they’d always been suspected of being, and that the occasional work of great high-budget art belied.…

Tarantino Cruises into Trouble

Once Upon a Time . . . in Hollywood is said to be Quentin Tarantino’s second to last film, so presumably he’s given a lot of thought to what kind of movie he wants to make. At a time when Hollywood is still under a cloud of a thousand censorious hashtags, Tarantino has decided to…


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